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Providing legal services for decades, Medicaid Trust New York, an estate planning firm, has established a reputable name in this industry. We are a New York-based estate planning firm well known for offering a wide array of legal services to our national and international clients.

Our qualified and skilled attorneys are well versed in estate planning, creating wills and trusts, protecting estate assets and disbursing them to the beneficiaries, appointing guardians, assisting in probate, and other legal matters.

We are highly devoted to providing fact-driven and law-driven legal services to our clients so they can solve their legal matters on time and be saved from further possible litigation issues. Since attorneys at Medicaid Trust New York are indulged in solving a wide variety of legal cases, their dimensions of legal knowledge have broadened with each case.

They have become experts in handling different legal matters with distinct complexities and requirements. With our in-depth legal guidance, hundreds of our clients can solve their legal issues and effectively fulfill their last wishes.

Get the Law-driven Legal Services from the Promising Estate Planning Firm In New York

A common mistake many people make is taking their legal affairs, cases, or matters with levity and considering them DIY activities. However, less do they know that these legal cases can further trap them into more severe legal complexities.

People can deal with and resolve their legal issues only with the legal assistance and guidance of professional and experienced estate planning attorneys. Our diligent lawyers at Medicaid Trust New York are well versed in New York’s latest Intestacy laws, estate tax mitigation, and handling probate process at the Surrogate Court of New York City. They leave no page unturned to get the best possible outcome for our client’s case.

Preparing an estate plan or creating a will is significant for your family’s safe and protective future. Therefore, you must take it with sincerity and let us guide you. Our professional attorneys believe in research before taking any action.

We, at Medicaid Trust New York, first try to assess your case from all right angles, understand all relevant laws, and then only formulate a plan to resolve your case. Our main focus is on distributing the estate assets to the beneficiaries as appointed by our client, managing their trust or estate as per our client’s plan, and offering them legal assistance when they are in a litigation crisis.

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Want to create a "will"? We are here to guide you!

Do you want to create a will to protect your family’s financial rights after death? Consider contacting us at Medicaid Trust New York. Our attorneys are well-aware of all legalities and, thus, will help you draft the legalized will.

Reduce your burden by accessing our legal assistance for probate!

It can be emotionally draining to go through probate after losing your family member. However, we at Medicaid Trust New York are well-versed with the legal complexities of the probate process. It is with our law-driven assistance that you can easily deal with probate.

Seek the best legal advice from our promising attorneys!

Medicaid Trust New York is recognized for understanding the unique requirements of each case and providing the best possible legal advice helping clients to solve their legal matters seamlessly.

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What makes our Estate Planning Firm the best in New York City?

When it comes to making your family’s future comfortable by protecting their financial rights and interstate succession, you will need high-quality legal guidance. Medicaid Trust New York is recognized as the most renowned estate planning firm in New York, with years of experience practicing and dealing with legal matters and affairs related to estate planning, estate litigation, wills and trusts, probate, asset protection, and guardianship.

Our team of experienced and compassionate lawyers is well-versed with rules, regulations, and laws related to these relevant areas as applicable in New York, allowing them to provide law-driven legal assistance to our clients.

Moreover, we know that a particular set of solutions can’t work for each case that our clients give us to solve. Therefore, we at Medicaid Trust New York come up with tailored solutions only after analyzing all complexities and figuring out the law applicable to your case.

Our attorneys believe in reducing our client’s burden as soon as possible by providing them best possible solution at the earliest. So, let our professional and qualified lawyers assist you in resolving your legal affairs within less time.

How we work:

Why consider working with us?

Legal soundness

We understand how exhausting it can be to deal with legal matters like estate planning, power of attorney, probate, estate litigation issues, wills or trusts challenges, and more when you do not know the law. We at Medicaid Trust New York are acquainted with a team of professional attorneys skilled in these areas and, thus, are proficient in providing our clients with the best legal advice and assistance.

In addition, as state and federal laws governing estate affair changes, our lawyers make sure to update themselves with the latest applicable laws in New York so that we can offer updated solutions to resolve our client’s legal complications.


Seeing an estate plan or will to finish successfully is not a walk in the park; there are bound to be numerous obstacles that can only be crossed with our law-driven assistance. In addition, we know that depending on the complexity of our client’s estate plan, the processes of probate and litigation further can be complicated.

Therefore, we at Medicaid Trust New York make sure to initiate workable and effective solutions early in any dispute to make the remaining process seamless.


We always strive to maintain your trust in our legal services and solutions by incorporating honest approaches. We at Medicaid Trust New York do not believe in deploying dishonest or unethical approaches to speed up the entire process of solving our client’s case.

Our lawyers know that these shortcuts, when critically accessed, can have serious legal implications. Instead, we work hard to prevent harm to our clients by upholding our moral standards and values.

Research and analytical skills

Since our inception, we have been involved in intense research related to laws applicable in New York associated with estate planning, wills and trusts, asset protection, probate, guardianship, elder law, estate litigation, power of attorney, and other legal matters. Working for several years, we have obtained experience in relevant areas.

Our lawyers have followed this field to its core: they are well-versed with every nook and corner, every loophole, every provision, and every detail that can help Medicaid Trust New York win its cases and satisfy clients’ unique needs.

Effective communication and listening skills

Medicaid Trust New York is known for working with sound, coherent, and articulate estate planning attorneys. However, we understand that it is not easy for our clients to share their intimate information with strangers like us.

So, our lawyers try with their full potential to make our clients comfortable, which further helps us to know all the required details and thus, create the best possible plan for solving our client’s issues. Also, we try to communicate complex legal information in the simplest format to make our clients understand everything easily. This further allows us and our clients to argue convincingly in courtroom sessions.

Personalized legal services

We at Medicaid Trust New York know that each client is unique regarding their legal matters and requirements. Therefore, our professional attorneys first try to understand our client’s case and requirements and then corroborate ideas, facts, and laws to provide personalized solutions to them.

Our Working Methodology

We at Medicaid Trust New York follow the most streamlined working methodology to resolve our client’s legal matters.

Review and analyze your case

Our experienced lawyers try to put their minds and understand your case from their legal perspectives. Once the complexities and legalities of your case are understood, they try to corroborate different ideas and laws that can help resolve your case.

It is additionally, screening the matter.

Our experienced lawyers try to put their minds and understand your case from their legal perspectives. Once the complexities and legalities of your case are understood, they try to corroborate different ideas and laws that can help resolve your case.

Achieve the positive outcome

Our attorneys’ determination and focused efforts enable us to give streamlined legal assistance and the best possible legal advice to our clients. Our higher positive result rate is why our clients entrust us with their legal matters.

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If you are dealing with elder law issues, estate planning issues, will, and trust challenges, or finding it difficult to protect your assets and appoint a guardian for your children, you have come to the right place. We understand that handling all these legal matters can be stressful and overwhelming for a normal person!

At Medicaid Trust New York, our qualified and experienced attorneys are aware of the updated laws of New York and thus, are known for offering the best legal advice on estate planning, wills, trusts, power of attorney, and other legal matters. Please schedule a consultation with our lawyers to resolve your legal issues as soon as possible.

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Now that Medicaid is administered by the Medicaid agency located in your state, eligibility might vary from state to state. Therefore, you should contact your state Medicaid agency with your queries and see if you qualify by applying through the Health Insurance Marketplace on or through your state agency. Alternatively, you can also check your eligibility by browsing the Medicaid program page on and filling in the questionnaire given at the bottom of the page.
There are a few ways through which you can apply to Medicaid programs. First, you can fill out an application on the Health Insurance Marketplace on, where it is must create an account to begin the application process. after submission, if you will be eligible for Medicaid programs, then the Marketplace will send your information to your state Medicaid agency, that will further contact you about enrollment.
One alternative that helps avoid probate is to own a property in joint tenancy with the rights of survivorship. Property held in the joint tenancy will be automatically transferred to the surviving partner upon the first owner’s death. Another alternative one can opt for is designating a beneficiary on each asset by beneficiary designation or “pay on death” document. Although there are alternatives to will, there is no substitute for a revocable trust.
The cost of estate planning varies from case to case, depending on the type of legal instruments and documents required to achieve his personal goals and the complexity of his estate plan. Therefore, it is advisable to contact a professional estate planning attorney to know more about the factors affecting estate planning costs.